YammyYammy -- not so Yummy Yummy

Since I just came back from Korea and cook Korean food myself I'm a bit picky. I think when it comes to Asian food in general, I'm very opinionated and think that the Swedish Asian restaurants do not hold up the standards to what I would classify as authentic Asian food. YammyYammy at Kungstorget did no do it for me at all.

I ordered the bibimbap 비빔밥 and was horrified that I had to pay extra if I wanted kimchi. You simply just don't pay extra for banchans in my world. Then when the I opened my box (takaway) the SMELL. *shrugging my head*

First of all, bibimbap is supposed to have gochujang sauce and I have no idea what I got. perhaps some kind of gochuhang mixed with water and soysauce? it was runny and gochujang is a paste. A PASTE!

Secondly, where was the egg? I don't count an omelette finely sliced as an egg. 

And the veggies?! Don't get me started about the veggies.

I'm going to talk about the veggies. or more the lack thereof. Bibimbap is just devine with bean sprots, kimchi, leftover banchans, a fried egg, a nice gnob of spicy gochujang and then mix insanely violently to a muddle so there is flavour everywhere. but this offered some sliced cucumber, yellow onion and leek (wtf?!)

The meat, I suppose it was bulgogi was over seasoned and too salty.

I'm very disappointed and heartbroken since I can't find a decent Korean restaurant.

Red Lion -- Revisited

On a lazy Sunday my colleagues and I were miraculously off work on the same day, those things just don't happen. So what shall you do a fairly rainy sunday? You drink beer and eat bar food. So we went to Red Lion because I had recommended the ribs there, ironically none of us ordered them. I had the fish and chips since I had been curious about it ever since I saw the menu. The dish didn't disappoint me. Crispy deep fried batter with a lovely sea salt sprinkle on top. Smooth remulade sauce and of course, the fries/chips. The fish was tender moist and pretty awesomely cooked. It wasn't dry or felt like it had been lying in the freezer for 6 months and the just tossed in the deep frier with some mediocre batter. The only thing was that it was a large piece of fish, a thick one which is not my cup of tea. I prefer slim ones so I get more deep fried goodieness! kekekeke ^^

My colleague ordered the cheeseburger which I also had a try on. it was ok. not good, not bad. ok. the burger was a bit dry according to my colleague. I thought the meat was well seasoned yet, I'm not particulary of a large piece of patty.
 He also had complaints about the lack of fries.

My other colleague was a bit of a daredevil and ordered the Chef's inspiration from the sea which today was Mackerel in a foil pack, apperently. She was pleased. She enjoys food she can't cook at home, however she can't even boil potatoes so I'm not sure how much I trust her judgement, höhöhö.

There is always room for dessert. And we barely had, but yet we ordered the Crème brûlée. I'm not an expert (hence the title), but is it supposed to be cold and runny? 

I was too rapacious and eager that I totally forgot to take a pic before I started munching on it. The cracking of the sugery top was not as satisfiying as I've been told it's supposed to be, but perhaps it's because I find other things in life more exciting.

 It was still a pretty fine dessert with a special guest apperance of strawberries in passion fruit soup (?)

I had the Krusovice and my colleagues had something starting with an G and the other one and something starting with a S. and we liked it ^^

Over all, it's still a nice place for me to go to with my friends to enjoy bar food and beer. We'll be back.


Red Lion -- ribs, ribs, ribs

I've been here before and I had a vague memory that the ribs were pretty awesome, they still were. HOWEVER, the SERVICE SUCKED. We sat down and it took 20 minutes for them to give us a fudging menu. I went inside to and said that we wanted to order drinks and food and I got a rushed "yeah" and then I never saw here again.

the FOOD, was almost worth it. The ribs were a bit spicy and the basket with fries was a joy. I mean, a basket of well deep fried fries -- who doesn't love that, I dare you. Hot and smokey baby back ribs, is what the dish is called. Hot -- fo sho, I can't handle spicy food, this however was ok. Smokey -- yeah, I guess you could say  that.


creamy coleslaw, almost too creamy -- but I solved it by dipping my fries in it. 

Fun Fact: according to my friend who's a regular at this joint the ribs used to be more tender and juicy before they switched owners/chef. apparently the meat just fell off the bone if you exhaled.

I could barely breathe after I finished my plate, so be hungry because you get a lot of food.

Alcohol: they had a nice beer selection, not impressive but a-ok.

The Red Lion -- the only English Pub in Majorna
Address: Mariagatan 11, 414 71 Göteborg


Sushi Yama - expensive and not worth it

I'm in search for the best sushi in town. I haven't been to Japan, I've been to Japan Town so I guess that's close enough? I have a lot of Japanese friends? Or maybe I'm just a huge fan of sushi and want some goddamn fine sushi.

We've been searching, we've been looking. Did we find it?
No, it was pricy, the nigiri were too small and the miso soup   it seemed like they had added instant ramen seasoning in it

I wasn't fond of some of the maki with the smoked salmon mix in it. it's sushi, it's supposed to be raw, duh! there was also some kind of chipotle (or not) mayo which made me fall back into my memories of california and their creative rolls. 

I've heard that you have to pay for the miso, but we didn't. My friend asked for sushi without avocado since she's allergic but the maki had avocado in it, she could have died! ^^

95:-, not worth it.

the only thing that I can say is nice about this place is the Wakame (seaweed salad). 

Sushi Yama
Adress: Basargatan 1041110 Göteborg
Tel: 031-7010030